This has nothing to do with freezing.

I’m sure you have heard how amazing menu planning can be. It can help you stick to a budget, more healthy than eating out, great family time, saves time, and the list goes on and on. I plan our weekly meals for all of those reasons plus it keeps my already skyrocketing stress level low. If I have my dinners for the week planned and all of the grocery shopping done on Sunday I can come home after work, relax, and enjoy cooking.

Now this is important:

Meal planning is HARD. It may be easy for the first couple of weeks and maybe even the first year, but when you are three plus years deep into meal planning your creativity tends to wane. What does creativity have to do with meal planning?? Well, the best way to succeed at eating at home is VARIATION. (Variation is also key to a healthy diet, but that is a completely different discussion.) Keeping my meat eating and eating- out- loving husband from complaining is a tall order, but he has NEVER (and now I have jinxed myself) complained about eating at home. I could attribute that to my amazing cooking skills or the fact that I keep our meals so interesting with a lot of variation.

I hope you find these menus handy. And please note I only occasionally make meals ‘for two’ because we eat our leftovers for lunch throughout the week (mostly because we are sick of sandwiches). I find my weeks to be easier if I meal plan Saturday, and shop and prep for the week on Sunday!


Menu 1

Menu 2

Menu 3

Menu 4

Menu 5


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