Freezing Garlic and Onions


Freezing Garlic is probably the smartest thing I have ever done. Before I was married my heads of garlic would go bad before I could use the whole thing. I figured out you can freeze garlic pretty easily if you have the patience to mince an entire head of garlic. I applied a similar principle to a bag of onions I had recently that was going bad. The best part is you will save time by not having to chop garlic or onions while cooking.



Cutting Board

Sharp Knife or Slap Chop

Head of Garlic

Plastic Wrap


1)   Cut out small squares (3in by 3in) of plastic wrap, enough for almost each clove of garlic

2)   Peel and mince each garlic clove. It is easiest to do peel every clove and then mince all together, especially if you have a slap chop device.

3)   Spoon a Tablespoon sized amount onto a piece of plastic wrap.

4)   Twist corners of plastic wrap together and staple above garlic to keep plastic together.

5)   Repeat until all garlic is wrapped.

6)   Toss your little pouches of garlic into a freezer safe bag and put in freezer.

7)   TO USE: The garlic pouches will thaw rapidly on the counter, 10-15min. Use for any recipe.



Sandwich bags (any) or plastic wrap


Cutting board

Sharp Knife

1)   Peel onions.

2)   Chop or slice onions.

3)   Store in bags in 1 cup amounts or one onion per bag. You can also use the same method of storing as garlic with larger squares (see above).

4)   Store onion pouches in a freezer safe bag and place in freezer.

5)   TO USE: Thaw in refrigerator for at least 6-8hours. Or on the countertop for 1-2hours. Time will vary depending on how you pre-cut and stored onions.


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