Bell Peppers


I love vegetables and peppers are excellent. Unfortunately, bell peppers can be pretty pricey compared to other vegetables (especially if you want any color besides green), and I honestly don’t use them very often. I was lucky enough this past summer to obtain a few peppers, for free, from a friend of a friend’s farm. I knew I would never be able to use my beautiful orange peppers before they started to go bad so I froze them. The great thing about bell peppers is you do not have to blanch them before putting them in the freezer (more on blanching vegetables for freezing later).

Prep for Freezer:

  1. Remove and discard seeds and stem
  2. Cut into slices.
  3. Lay out slices on baking sheet/plate covered with parchment or wax paper/silicone mat.
  4. Drop slices into freezer safe container or bag when frozen through (6-8hours).

Using from Freezer

  • Let thaw and then use as fresh peppers. You may need to towel dry.
  • Use frozen! Peppers are easy to chop while frozen and thaw rapidly while you prep them. I also drop them frozen into soups that won’t be affected by a drop in temperature: chills and Speedy Cassoulet (you HAVE to try this, it is so easy to make!!)


Photo courtesy of wikipedia (no judging) 


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